Regular Diapers Vs Pull-Up Diapers

Regular Vs Pull-Up Diapers: Which ones to Use & When?

The variety of products available in the market can make any purchase a daunting task. The number of brands, styles and variations can be quite overwhelming, to say the least. And this is extremely true in the baby products section. Ask anybody who has needed to buy something for a little one. There are so many choices! We at Stay Sure can help you through one basic dilemma; regular vs. pull-up diapers- which ones to use & when?

The Difference between Regular vs. Pull-Up Diapers

Regular diapers and pull-up pants look the same and carry out the same functions as well. But there is a slight difference between the two. The difference lies in a simple elastic band. This band changes the way the diaper is used and the way your child responds to his/her diaper. A pull-up pant with an elastic band, allows a child to pull the diaper up and down without help, therefore making potty-training easier.

When to Make the Switch from Regular to Pull-Up Diapers?

Pull-up pants essentially give your toddler greater control over when they need to go to the bathroom. It allows them to choose. But this is something one can do only after a certain age. It is usually recommended to make the switch from regular to pull-up diapers after the age of 2years. What you must remember though is that every child is different and you need to see if your child will be able to adapt to the new kind of diaper.

How Do You Know If Your Child Is Ready For Pull-Up Pants?

Having said that every child is different, there are a few indicators that will help you take the decision to switch. To begin with your child may start showing more interest in actually going to the bathroom to carry out his/her business. In fact s/he may wait for you to leave before doing anything.  Your child will also begin to tell you before they need to use the loo. S/he will start waking up from naps, dry.

Apart from that you will notice that your child has begun following basic instructions. They will also display an improvement in motor skills such as being able to put on their socks & shoes, taking off their pants etc.

Once you start observing these changes in your child, you know s/he is ready for pull-up pants.

Are Pull-Up Pants a Fool-Proof Way to Potty Train?

Unfortunately, nothing in the parenting world is fool-proof. Yes! Pull-up pants do help potty-train but the child needs to be adaptive as well. Many children tend to use pull-up pants like regular diapers, soiling them as and when they feel like, without making an effort to go to the bathroom. In such cases sometimes parents choose to switch to regular underwear, making it uncomfortable for the child to soil the underwear. However, potty-training is not just about getting to the potty on time. It also requires the child to be able to pull up and down their underwear or pants quickly. Therefore, for those who do adapt, there is no denying that pull-up pants make the process of potty-training far easier and simpler for both parent and child.

Other Advantages of Pull-Up Pants: Pull-up pants can also motivate kids to potty-train. It makes them feel like they are one of the ‘big-kids’ around. This can be especially true when there is an older sibling they look up to and want to mimic. Apart from that, pull-up pants are a link between diapers and regular underwear, making the potty-training transition smooth.

Not all children go through pull-up pants. Some transition directly from diapers to underwear. That is a personal parenting call. Whichever way you choose to raise your child, remember that Stay Sure has a wide range of both diapers and pull-up pants for any stage your child may be in. Take a look here.