Is it good to use panty liners every day?

Is it good to use panty liners every day?

Things That You Need To Know About Panty Liners

From mud to cloth to cotton to pads, menstrual hygiene products have come a long way. One such product is the panty liner. For some women, panty liners are a boon. Others live their whole lives not needing to use them at all. So what exactly are panty liners for and can they be used on a daily basis? We at Stay Sure, take a closer look.

What are Panty Liners? Most women are familiar with menstrual pads, tampons and even menstrual cups. Panty liners though are something that not everyone is quite sure about. Panty liners are thin, absorbent pads worn to absorb vaginal discharge and light menstrual flow. They come in various sizes, designs and textures. Similar to ‘wings’ that sanitary pads have, panty liners too may have adhesive that keeps them in place. In simple terms, panty liners are mini sanitary pads. But why then would someone who uses a regular pad need a smaller version?

Who Benefits by Using Panty Liners? Though panty liners are similar to sanitary napkins, their purpose is quite different. Panty liners are not meant to be used when you are on your period. They are not designed to absorb heavy discharge. They are meant to be used before and after your period when you may have spotting. You could also use them if you use tampons or menstrual cups and need to protect against sudden leakage.

Due to their small size and easy portability, women who have just hit puberty and whose bodies are just settling into menstruation can carry panty liners, to be prepared for an emergency. Adults who suffer from mild urinary incontinence as well as new mothers who experience light postpartum flow following child birth benefit from using panty liners. Some women also like to use them to feel fresh while they exercise.

What are the Drawbacks of using Panty Liners? Clearly there are many benefits to using panty liners. They save you from embarrassing situations, they are smaller and therefore more comfortable and you don’t end up wearing a large pad all day for a few spots. So, where’s the problem? The problem is that many women tend to use them on a daily basis. Using panty liners every day is an expensive habit for most, but even if budget permits there are larger health concerns one must be aware off.

Firstly, panty liners can irritate the sensitive skin of the vulva. This could lead to rash and itchiness. Secondly, they could increase your chances of developing a vaginal yeast infection. One way to avoid a yeast infection is to change your liner often. It is generally recommended that this is done at least once every 5 to 8 hours or when the liner begins to feel moist.

It is also advisable not to wear your liner at night. Wearing a panty liner at night does not cause any discomfort, but not wearing it gives your skin some much-needed breathing time.  If you are certain that you need to wear it at night, make sure you use a fresh one.

The other thing to be aware of is perfumed or scented panty liners. The perfume used in these can cause further skin reactions and even inflammation.

Panty liners are definitely well-designed and convenient to use. Their size and texture make them highly versatile. But as with anything in life, one must use them in moderation. While it’s good to control excessive discharge, what you must remember is vaginal discharge is the body’s natural way to keep the vagina clean, lubricated and bacteria-free. At Stay Sure, we encourage the sensible use of panty liners. To know more about our products, visit