Get the Right Coverage

How often have you stained yourself while on your period? It’s a common problem no matter how old you are and how many sanitary pads you’ve changed in your lifetime. So why aren’t we women getting better with practice? The simple answer is that nobody ever told us how to choose our sanitary pads.

Most girls will use pads that their friends or family members use. The reasoning being that if it worked for them, then why wouldn’t it work for us? What we don’t realise is that every persons flow is different and to complicate things further, your individual flow is different every day of your period. Given this situation, it may seem daunting to choose the right sanitary pad, but we have a few tips.

1. Length & Shape: Pads come in different lengths and shapes for different kinds of flow. The packaging label will describe the length and usage of the pad. For example at Stay Sure we provide the following pads:
230-240mm- large – regular flow
280mm-xlarge –medium flow
320mm –xxlarge – heavy flow
Sometimes you may also need different kinds of pads through your period. At Stay Sure we have pads for your regular days and panty liners (one of the smallest) for the last few days of your period.

Experiment with different kinds of pads. Each is designed differently. See which one is the most comfortable for you. Some have wider edges; others come with wings (sticky strips on the side that keep the pad in place). All our pads have a wide design. Choose a shape that makes you feel the most comfortable.

2. Absorbency: Pads which mention heavy flow are designed to be more absorbent. We at Stay Sure also use a unique Blue Seal technology. This technology converts discharge into gel, absorbing more and keeping you dry.

3. Thickness: The thickness of a pad is a personal choice. Both thick pads and thin ones are equally efficient. The main difference being that the thinner they are the more compact and invisible (from the outside) they become. Having said that, as long as it feels comfortable and doesn’t leak, choose the thickness that you like best. We have pads that range in thickness from regular to ultra-thin.

4. Odour Control: Many pads these days have this option. The pad is scented to mask the smell of your period. While this is good, remember it is an individual choice. The skin in the area is extremely sensitive and if you react badly to it, find a pad that is not scented.

5. Texture & Material: You need to decide for yourself the texture and material that suits you the best. It should be smooth and soft and not feel itchy or irritable on your skin. There are different materials available at Stay Sure such as netted and cottony. The netted one stays dry but can feel a bit rough on the skin. Most heavy flow pads are netted. While the cottony one is softer and wetter. In some cases using a combination of the two i.e. – Netted for the initial days and cotton towards the end is advisable.

The right sanitary pad is an individual choice and something that can constantly change over time depending on your activity levels, day and night usage and your individual flow. Just remember, if you are leaking through your period due to any of the above mentioned factors (length & shape, absorbency, thickness, odour control or texture & material) it may be a good time to consider changing your sanitary pad.

Our wide range at Stay Sure will ensure that you will get the right coverage through your period.